Each pair is tailor-made for you!


The brand OYTTO was born in Guimarães, Portugal, and all styles were uniquely designed and created by Filipa Cunha, who has always been interested in art and fashion. All our shoes are handmade by talented craftsmen with a knowledge in the modelling, designing, and fashion industries, along with a passion for the incredible art of footwear.

Each pair is tailor-made for the customer. We present irreverent, feminine, sensual and elegant proposals that combine different colours, textures and patterns. Although the focus is on "special" sizes, under 35 EU (4,5 US) and over 40 EU (8,5 US), there are also shoes for the common feet. In addition to the concern for comfort, the inclusion of the memory foam insole, the brand also values the material's quality and finishes in the construction of the shoe.


OYTTO was launched just a few days after its founder, Filipa Cunha turned 30. The name OYTTO symbolizes the number eight, which is very special number to its founder. Filipa and her husband met, started dating and got married on the 8th.

Do you want to get chills? In addition to this, Filipa Cunha learned recently that her grandmother named Rosa, who she didn't have the opportunity to meet, had also gotten married on the 8th. The social themes that mobilize us: women and men who are victims of violence, hunger, difficulties and daily pressures, both at home and in a professional environment, are sources of inspiration for a brand that wishes to succeed in the panorama of national footwear, and then take steps also at international level. Our point is that everything is possible and achievable as long as we have the strength and persistence we to do so.​


We celebrate women of the whole world with different shapes and sizes!


… everything is reachable

… all dreams can be fulfilled

… all women in the world have the right to be happy

… in the inner strength of each woman

… handmade products have another meaning and value

… we must follow our instincts

… we must assert ourselves in situations of injustice

… life is a constant challenge

… a yes isn’t guaranteed, therefore we must fight to find it

… a world with happy women has more meaning

… to defend everything we believe and dictates our history

… gratitude, honesty and transparency are very important values.

… our clients are the most beautiful

… the one who changes, the whole universe will help

… what we do should reflect who we are